We started That Is Lit with a mission to brighten up people’s day.

It all began when we were surfing the web day after day at our old (boring) jobs.

A couple of us would look up the coolest, most interesting items we could find, and share them with the group.

It’s really what kept us going through the day. We’d go back and forth finding better and better stuff until lunchtime or the workday ended and we had to snap back into reality.

It was a nice distraction and way to pass time…



Until one day our boss discovered we were using a little too much time on our fun product browsing.

I forgot to minimize my browser when I went to the restroom one day, and when I came back, he was staring at our chats with all the cool things we’d been finding!




I figured I was going to be in some sort of big trouble.

But to my surprise, he loved it, and said,


“Wow, cool stuff, that is lit!”


Can you believe it?


Not only was I shocked that my middle-aged boss used a newer slang term but he actually loved what we were doing!

And that’s when we knew we were on to something.


That’s when 🔥 That Is Lit began.


We decided we wanted to bring all these cool products we’d been finding to the world, and at incredible prices!

So since that day we’ve worked hard to continue to find the best new lit products to share with you. And we promise to continue to brighten people’s day by bringing you interesting and affordable items that make you say “That Is Lit!”

We hope you stick around.

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Keep in touch!


You can email us anytime at support@thatislit.com.


-That Is Lit 🔥